First look at Steven Spielberg's new movie The Fievelmen

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 A first look at Steven Spielberg's new movie The Firemen

The trailer for The Firemen, the great director Steven Spielberg's new, personal and most revealing film, was released worldwide today.

Spielberg has created a touching autobiographical drama about growing up, based on his childhood and adolescence in Arizona, when he was the son of a Jewish family who first entered the magical world of cinema and dreamed of becoming a great director.

The script was written by Spielberg, along with the Pulitzer Prize-winning screenwriter and playwright Tony Kushner, who also worked with him on the films “Munich” and Lincoln. The film in question is expected to star in the upcoming Oscar season.

The film stars Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea, Blue Valentine), Paul Dano (Batman, All Ends in Blood), Seth Rogen (Steve Jobs, American Cucumber), Gabrielle Lebel (Predator).

Film will be released in Israeli cinemas on November 24, 2022 and will be distributed by United King Films.

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