First in EU: Malta approves cannabis for personal use

First in the EU: Malta approves cannabis for personal use

The small European state of Malta was the first in the EU to legalize marijuana for personal use (smoking and growing). The Parliament of Malta voted for the adoption of such a law by a majority of 36 votes.

At the same time, as noted by the BBC, smoking in public places, as well as in front of children, will be punished with heavy fines. By law, Maltese adults will be able to have up to 7 grams of cannabis and grow up to 4 plants at home.

The law also allows the creation of “ thematic communities '' – organizations that will be able to grow cannabis for their members.

The Prime Minister of Malta, Robert Abela, explained that the main purpose of this law is to solve the problem and so that people do not have to look for marijuana in the black markets.

At the same time, the government said that it does not urge adults to start using marijuana and does not promote the culture of its consumption.

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