First failure: the Perseverance rover could not take a sample of the Martian soil

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First failure : the Perseverance rover was unable to take a sample of the Martian soil

The Perseverance team must determine the cause of the failure.

NASA Perseverance Mars rover is on the surface Mars from February 18, 2021. After testing all systems and & # 171; running & # 187; helicopter, rover June 1, 2021 began to move southward. This marked the beginning of the first scientific mission. And now the time has come for the first failure, reports with reference to Channel 24.

One of the missions of the Perseverance rover is to collect soil and rock samples. These samples should be sealed in special titanium flasks. In turn, the flasks should be left in the place of sampling, so that later they can be picked up by another rover, which can send them to Earth for further analysis. This is where the failure lies: after sampling the soil, it turned out that the flask was empty.

Why the sample flask was empty

The rover uses a special chisel and percussion drill to get samples. The whole process is fully automated. During sampling, telemetry showed that everything was going according to plan.

But after trying to measure the volume of the extracted rock sample, it turned out that the flask was empty. And NASA does not yet know what exactly caused the unsuccessful sampling.

What the rover team will do

Now the Perseverance team must identify the cause of the failure.

First of all, it is planned to & # 171; look & # 187; into a drilled hole with a camera to take pictures of a small mine. This will allow experts to at least partially understand the reason for the failure.

NASA believes that the reason & # 171; empty flask & # 187; it could be that the soil did not behave as expected. For example, it could be too loose and therefore could not be placed in the sample probe. If it turns out that this is the case, then the rover team will change the approach to sampling.

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