Fires in Australia: more than a hundred species of animals need help

Пожары в Австралии: более ста видов животных нуждаются в помощи

Fires in Australia: more than a hundred species of animals need help
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photo: facebook/Matt Kean MP

The most affected koalas and wallabies.

Because of the massive fires in Australia 113 species of animals need urgent help. We are talking about 13 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles, five invertebrates, and 19 mammals, 22 species of crayfish and 17 species of fish. They all lost at least 30% of their habitat. This is the BBC.

– Australia has identified 113 species of animals that are in need of urgent help after their numbers and their habitat was destroyed by recent forest fires, – is told in the message.

Koala and Wallaby, as well as the affected species of birds, fish and frogs are among those who need the most help.

Australia is experiencing one of the most severe droughts over the past decade – in December, the Bureau of meteorology stated that last spring was the driest on record. Due to the abnormally high temperature (over 40 degrees) in December, dry weather and strong winds, forest fires in Australia can not repay for several months.

On 7 January the local branch of world wildlife Fund (WWF) suggested that about 1.25 billion animals could be lost during severe forest fires. In particular, the victims of the disaster were the thousands of koalas in the coastal areas of New South Wales and kangaroos, marsupial flying squirrels, potoru and cockatoos.

In January the Australian government has announced that it will allocate 50 million dollars for the rehabilitation of wildlife and habitats in the country. The money will be spent on the treatment of animals, their feeding and pest control.


Australia was saved by extremely large Tasmanian echidna.

She got hit by a car and could die due to forest fires.


Australians are saving animals how can: carry them in cars and take them home.

In the reserve suggest that animals will not be able to return to normal life.

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