Fired at the GMC pickup truck Sierra fruit and furniture to show its power

GMC обстріляв кузов пікапа Sierra фруктами та меблями, аби показати його міць

Body GMC Sierra impresses with its strength

Experts have tested the strength of the cargo bed of a pickup truck GMC Sierra in unusual circumstances. With the help of pnevmoapparat him “fired” different objects: from watermelon and picnic baskets to furniture.

With the change of generation in 2018 GMC Sierra received an optional loading Bay, floors, internal partitions and corner segments which are made of carbon fiber and plastic composites. This design is 28 kilograms lighter than the standard, and it is much more durable and resistant to external damage such as dents and scratches.

Leading YouTube channel Man Tripping demonstrated the benefits of this body in comparison with competitors. For example, in the first case, crutch, released from primogeniti tornado, left a dent, the stones scratched the surface, but the brick punched a hole into which you can stick your arm. Carbon body was not afraid of no wood, no watermelons, no TV or even a sofa.

In the beginning of 2020 GMC Sierra got a version of Harley-Davidson. These cars will be released in a limited edition of 250 copies. “Biker” pickup differs increased ground clearance, Fox shocks, improved exhaust system, the presence of the led unit in the front bumper and air intake on the hood.

Complete image GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson 35-inch wheels with off-road tires and two-tone 22-inch aluminum wheels in motorcycle style.

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