Fire in a residential building in Haifa: there are new details

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 House fire in Haifa: new details emerge

New details of yesterday's fire in Haifa, as a result of which 20 people were evacuated, have emerged. According to Behadrey Haredim, it was initially claimed that the fire started in the building itself, but later it was found that the fire started in the courtyard. Eighteen of the victims received minor injuries, and two others received moderate injuries as a result of smoke inhalation. As it became known, the ignition occurred due to the lithium battery of the electric bike. “Recently, we have seen many particularly serious cases of fires that occur due to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are dangerous. Please use only original batteries, try to store them outside the home, and do not leave them unattended while charging. Take care of your life,” the fire and rescue service said.

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