Finnish journalist ate an article which criticized the players. Video

Финский журналист съел статью, в которой раскритиковал хоккеистов. Видео

The man decided to apologize.

Journalist Philip of Saxe ate his article in the newspaper, which called hockey Finnish national team the worst in history before the start of the world Cup in 2019, reports the with reference to Realist.

Two days ago the Finns with the score 3:1 beat in the final, team Canada and become world Champions. In the semifinals, they defeated the Russians with the score 1:0.

Saxe posted the video of his apology to the compatriots on Twitter. In the article he predicted the teamís exit in the quarter-finals.

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“I wrote that the current team Finland — one of the worst in the history of world Championships. The best I expect from them — the quarter-finals. I’ve never made a mistake. Now it’s time to apologize,” said Saxe.

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