Finnish energy companies are preparing for possible sabotage

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 Finnish energy companies prepare for possible sabotage

Finnish energy companies are preparing for possible sabotage…

Increasing disinformation, cyberattacks and the use of drones as weapons are worrying the Finnish authorities. At the same time, the country's transport system operator is tightening security measures.

An anonymous source working for a Finnish energy company said that sabotage and sabotage targeting critical energy infrastructure this winter is seen as a possible scenario. The employee noted that technical “failures” has already happened without providing more details.

Drones are also causing concern: Finnish police received as many reports of questionable drones in October as in the previous nine months of this year. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have also risen, rising from three in 2021 to 11 this year, according to the National Cybersecurity Center. . Next year, the authorities will be able to rely on a new law that gives them the right to refuse to sell real estate “to the wrong hands.”

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