Finland announced an increase in traffic on the border with Russia

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 Finland announced an increase in traffic on the border with Russia

Traffic arriving at Finland's eastern border with Russia “intensified” overnight, the Finnish Border Guard said early Thursday morning, adding that the situation was under control.

Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen said on Wednesday that Finland is closely monitoring the situation in neighboring Russia following President Vladimir Putin's military mobilization order.

Matti Pitkanitti, head of international affairs at the Finnish border guard, said.

he said, adding that the situation was under control and the border guards at nine checkpoints were ready.

Putin's remarks, made in a televised morning address on Wednesday, raised fears that some combat-age men would not be allowed to leave the country and led to the rapid sale of one-way flights from Russia.

According to Pitcanitti, the number people crossing the border on Wednesday increased compared to the weekend. On Wednesday, 4,824 Russians arrived in Finland across the eastern border, up from 3,133 a week earlier.

There has been no change in the number of Russians entering the Scandinavian country in northern Norway, a police officer told reporters.
“No change,” — Sulve Solheim, head of the Finnmark police's operational immigration control department, told Reuters.

Social media users write that there is a traffic jam on the border with Finland wishing to leave Russia has already stretched for 50 kilometers.

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