Financier Shalom Domrani blown up in Ashkelon

 Financier Shalom Domrani bombed in Ashkelon

The Israeli media published new information about the criminal liquidation in Ashkelon last night.

Killed in a car explosion on Ben Zvi Street in the city – “ right hand” gangster boss Shalom Domrani Avi Beaton.

Beaton, 42, is considered a “financier” criminal organization Shalom Domrani. The car was blown up in the quarter where Domrani himself lives.

Two more wounded are also members of Domrani's organization.

Beaton survived an assassination attempt in 2013. The car he was in exploded. Then he was seriously wounded, lost a leg – but survived. Another gunman, Jackie Benita, was killed.

A police source said: “Beaton knew he was the target of a possible elimination. It is not clear what happened as he got into the car bomb. Such people check the car again and again.

One of the eyewitnesses says: “We were at home when the explosion happened. We ran downstairs and saw the wounded crawling out of the car. We helped them – and after that we saw bleeding. He ran to the gas station.

Another witness says, “My wife and I were sitting watching TV. There was an explosion – we thought that a rocket had arrived from the gases. I went out to the balcony and saw a man roll out of the car.

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