Finance Ministry official: It's worth enduring a few days of teachers' strike

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 Treasury official: Worth a few days of teachers' strike

Another round of discussions is expected on Sunday with Yafa Teachers' Union head Ben David and head of the Treasury Department's payroll department, Kobi Bar Nathan, to resolve the crisis and reach a new salary agreement for teachers. With no progress in the negotiations so far, Prime Minister Yair Lapid is expected to take the lead.

The gap between the treasury's proposals and the teachers' demands is NIS 3 billion.

The emergency government meeting requested by Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton could be seen as a sort of pre-election reckoning. The currently expected development of – resolution of the labor dispute in court if no agreement is reached.

The exchange of accusations continues further. Following the education minister's statement that the finance ministry was ignoring the risk of disrupting the start of the school year, a senior official at the finance ministry told Channel 12 tonight, Friday, that “it's worth enduring a few days of strike to present an agreement that will make real change and correct distortions in system".

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