Film director Jānis Streičs on the eve of its 85th anniversary

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Film director Jānis Streičs on the eve of its 85th anniversary

The legendary film director Jānis Streičs will celebrate his 85th anniversary on Sunday, September 26, and there is no shortage of congratulators, although there will be no big celebrations for the anniversary this time, TV3 News reports.

This time we communicate with the anniversary only virtually – without flowers and through a computer screen.

Since both of them and their wife Vidu have moved to Lithuania, they have been rare in Riga.

It is there, already on the very border of Poland, that the scenarios “Limousine”, “Human Child” and “Fate Mill” were once created, where you can still devote yourself to painting and writing.

Jānis Streičs, film director

“The recipe is in childhood – what the father, mother put when he grows up. That’s where it all begins. We don’t know how anyone will win. There are already miracle people who have grown up unfavorably, but grow up bright and know how to please others. For me, despite being a plant without parents, I swam in a stream of souls. It always has been. Now also. We are gone, I will not celebrate the anniversary, but such a desire, attention, everyone is calling… ”

Speaking of the current situation around Covid-19 and vaccines, Streich remembers an episode from childhood. The war has just ended, the Red Army has entered, and all the children are going to be vaccinated at school. We visited the window of Gailīši Primary School a few years ago with the director.

“We had not experienced vaccines, we did not know what vaccines were.” We were afraid that the spirit of communism would be instilled. And then we mumble. We were locked in class and we jumped out the window. It was a great heroism for such little boys to jump. I got to not instill the spirit of communism. And did not vaccinate. We were stupid, listen! ” then the film director remembered.

The big anniversaries are rather tiring for Streičs – the words of congratulations slip along the ears and often in the photos they later notice what had arrived at all. Therefore, the director did not want a big celebration at all. And even today, on the eve of the 85th anniversary, no one is retiring.

The outstanding film director Jānis Streičs is looking forward to the 85th anniversary with plans for a historical novel.

Jānis Streičs, film director

“Giving me health, I can complete the scriptures that have been started. A cultural-historical novel about one family, his childhood, where he grew up, how he came from… I want to show one well-known historical personality. The soil from which he grew. And it will end that he left for Riga. ”

The foundation is where the land that came up came from. It will be a novel where the action begins during the war. You have to study a lot of materials in museums, you have to go to Latgale, a lot of work ahead.

The conversation is interrupted, because the director rings the phone again – the congratulators almost queue.


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