Filipino illegal immigrant prevented liquidation with the help of a kamikaze drone in Jaffa

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 Filipino illegal immigrant prevented liquidation with kamikaze drone in Jaffa

On the morning of January 19, information was allowed to be released that the JAMAR central office in the Tel Aviv area had uncovered an organization of seven suspects who were planning a murder using a kamikaze drone. The drone was spotted on the main street of Jaffa after a report from a Filipino passing by on a bicycle. The suspects will be charged today.

The investigation began more than a month ago after an illegal Filipino migrant cycling down Yerushalaim Boulevard in Jaffa spotted a drone with its lights on, perched on a low stone wall. He spotted what he thought was an explosive device under the drone. A Filipino contacted police officers at a checkpoint in the Jaffa area, informing them of the sighting of the drone, and a police sapper called to the scene determined it to be a powerful standard explosive device with a remote activation mechanism attached to it.

Investigation The incident was assigned to the Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office, which suspected that it was a weapon to eliminate a competitor, prepared to harm another person as part of a criminal conflict.

During the course of the investigation, JAMAR investigators established covert surveillance of a number of residents of Kfar Qasem. During an undercover investigation, police officers noticed that four suspects from the Kfar Qasem organization had arrived at the intersection leading from Kfar Qasem to Beit Jaffa. The YAMAR task force was stationed near the house, when suddenly the police noticed a drone in the air.

Due to the fear that it was a kamikaze drone, an order was given to break into the house, and detectives arrested four suspects from Kfar- Kasem, as well as another suspect, a resident of Jaffa who lives there. During a search near the place of arrest, the detectives found two sets of drones, mobile phones, and explosive devices and explosives were found in a bag near the house.

two other suspects, residents of Kfar Qasim who had returned from Morocco, were arrested in connection with the events. The seven men's detention has been extended from time to time, and today (Thursday) the prosecutor's office is expected to file an indictment in their case and a request for detention pending trial.

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