Fighting crime in the Arab sector: Police 'succeeded'

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 Fighting crime in the Arab sector: police

Operation Safe Route, designed to stem the tide of crime in Arab communities, has made major strides since its inception eight months ago.

Jerusalem Post reports .

The operation, mainly in the north, resulted in the arrest of 3,871 suspects, the seizure of thousands of weapons, and the filing of 1,153 weapons-related indictments across Israel.

About 88% of charges of crimes related to shooting and possession, trafficking and use of weapons were brought against the accused from the Arab society.

In addition, 31 illegal buildings were destroyed, 10 million shekels were confiscated.

“Since the start of the Israeli operation, The police have made significant strides in combating crime and violence in Arab communities. The Israel Police have also made significant strides in bringing charges against these crimes, which are causing serious inconvenience to the Arab community,” said Leon Hirsch, head of the police intelligence department's operational coordination department.

So far, the operation has been carried out in 19 locations, including Haifa, Umm al-Fahm, Nazareth and Rahat.

Nearly halfway through 2022, data shows that a massive operation launched by the police to end violence has been successful: in the period up to On June 5 this year, 31 people from the Arab sector were killed in Israel, compared to 50 killed before May 27, 2021.

So far, the police have only solved 12 cases of killings in the Arab sector this year. The police attribute this decrease in the number of homicides in the sector to the operation.

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