Fighters OOS spread of militants near Donetsk: “Thank you gunner”

Бойцы ООС разнесли боевиков под Донецком: "Спасибо наводчику"

The Ukrainian military in the area of environmental protection in the Donbas was a success

Soldiers APU managed to undermine the dugout of militants. As seen in the video, the attack there was a massive explosion.

Ukrainians this video, which you can see at the end of the news, came to taste.

Бойцы ООС разнесли боевиков под Донецком: "Спасибо наводчику"

They left the following comments about this:

“Thank you, gunner. So it is with everyone. Someone stepped on our land,” “We are proud of our Advocates and thank them, Rejoice at the thought that our army has become much more powerful compared to the times snotty Colonel”, etc.

Бойцы ООС разнесли боевиков под Донецком: "Спасибо наводчику"

Also recently, the Network got a similar video of success of the Ukrainian military. So, there was a video of the destruction of fighters of VSU enemy BMP in the area of environmental protection at the Donbass in the area of Svetlodarsk arc.

It was made available to the public and well-known volunteer officer Anatoly Stefan (Callsign “Stirlitz”).

“Representatives of the Russian occupation troops threw the application soldiers on unnecessary military hardware on the arc Svetlodarsk. On an interesting range fighters thought not long. The result of a successful second shot at the invaders was one of the BMP is smaller and the guys are waiting for new interesting projects”, — he signed the video.

Бойцы ООС разнесли боевиков под Донецком: "Спасибо наводчику"

“Everything will be Ukraine and a victory for us. Look like the wool rips farts and tomorrow, the next video will post” wrote itself “Stirlitz” who posted this video.

Ukrainians also with admiration, commented on the success of the APU.

Recall that recently Russian militants 10 times shelled the positions of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas.

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As reported Politeka, there were details of the murder of a soldier in the Donbas APU.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants seized a big city.

Ukrainian viyskovi snimili blnde boyovikiv

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