Fighters disgraced themselves with the opening of the school on Monday published photos

Боевики опозорились с открытием школы на Донбассе: опубликованы фото

The fighters were very embarrassed with the opening of the school in the occupied part of Donbass

This was announced by the blogger under the nickname Fascists Donetsk on Twitter, having published the corresponding photos.

Боевики опозорились с открытием школы на Донбассе: опубликованы фото

In his blog, he reports that the invaders opened a school in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, which is a clear miscalculation and the danger to children, because the school is actually on the cutting edge and there may at any time to get a shell.

The blogger also pointed out the nonsense at the school opening ceremony with bread and salt.

“But look at the first photo: bitch, where does Ukrainian towel to RSCE x*EET on their heads?”, — added the blogger.

Боевики опозорились с открытием школы на Донбассе: опубликованы фото

As reported, it became known as the new team leader of terrorists “DNR” Denis Pushilin pushes local residents ORDO.

In particular, the Donetsk journalist Roman Manekin, who even managed to work as a counselor in the so-called “government DND”, told about today’s reality of life under occupation.

Screenshot of his post in the banned social network Vkontakte published on Twitter by the blogger under the pseudonym Necro Mancer who continues to live in the occupied Donbas.

So, Manekin said that all the chaos in the ORDO agreed with the leader of terrorists Denis Pushilin.

“Donetsk. Write that at the University (Dong) reduce teachers looking for ways to get rid of students-state employees and external students-the gathering, by any laws, are trying to translate a contract,” writes the accomplice of the invaders Manekin, who even managed to sit “in the basement” from the militants.

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He also noted that problems faced by entrepreneurs and ordinary customers of the mobile operator, which is actively profiting through fraud.

“Entrepreneurs write about the endless checks, which pick on any detail to fine you. The penalties prescribed crazy! “Phoenix” has sent the response to my public appeal about the Scam taking money from customers ‘ accounts. The meaning of the answer: “act in accordance with our own developed “rules” and in coordination with Pushilin”. Offer to go to court (they say everything is captured!)”, he says.

“Conclusion. A big problem with the money the team “HMMM”! “Dad does not give money to stick money he will take”… How long you think such a Maxim to last?”, — summed up the Manekin.

We will remind, the Ukrainian soldier ignored the command

Рoliteka wrote that Russian bombers staged an incredible panic and the powerful explosions

Рoliteka also wrote that the Ukrainian battalion was frankly told about the nuclear threat

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