Fighters APU for the first time in 20 years, dataprofile in the air: video

Винищувачі ЗСУ вперше за 20 років дозаправилися у повітрі: відео

Air refueling
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The crews of su-24M, su-24MR aircraft and L-39 from the 7-th brigade of tactical aviation to them. Peter Franco’s Air forces of Ukraine has fulfilled in Khmelnytskyi region the departures with the goal of restoring and maintaining the piloting skills in the area and routes, and for the first time in 20 years carried out in-flight refuelling.

According to information, the tanker aircraft su-24M, manned by specialists of the State scientific-research Institute of SOFT Colonel Sergey Chizh and Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Shulyak successfully made contact with the “drying”, piloted by military pilots who have experience refueling aircraft of this type – the Deputy commander of Air forces of VS of Ukraine the General-Lieutenant Arcady Vasuti and the chief of aircraft of air command the West by Colonel Sergey Bliznyuk.

“In the future, the flight crews with the practical implementation of mid-air refueling will take place according to plan. Other flight team brigade also attracted to the implementation of this important element of military training that allows to solve problems with an increased range of the aircraft su-24M and su-24MR aircraft“, – said the General staff.

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