Fight the Tendril – Lebedev: in the case interfered with the President

Бой Усик - Лебедев: в дело вмешался президент

Oleksandr Usyk, the absolute world champion must enter the ring against Russian Denis Lebedev

The world Boxing Association (WBA) has obliged Ukrainian Alexander Usik to fight with the Russian boxer Denis Lebedev to 10 March 2019. The fact that Lebedev is the “champion Emeritus” and according to the rules a boxer who holds the WBA belt, to fight with him.

The President of the League of professional Boxing of Ukraine, Mikhail Zavyalov believes that barb is not necessary to carry out this fight:

Бой Усик - Лебедев: в дело вмешался президент

“The WBA has the right to demand from the Mustache protecting the belt, and Denis Lebedev has the right to challenge the Mustache that he’s already done. But I think the funniest challenge of the Russians. First, the star Lebedev the years long gone, now it is not a competitor for Moustache. Lebedev soon “banging” for 40 years, and with such an old Mustache opponent to fight is not worth it. And if Alexander agreed, it would be easily defeated boxer from Putin’s team.

But the Mustache does not agree to fight, and I advise him to abandon this meeting. The reasons are different: the Russian boxer is not his level, the fight itself would be uninteresting and unprofitable. In the end, after the fight with Gassieva Mustache will never go to fight in Russia and in other country this game money will not bring”.

Бой Усик - Лебедев: в дело вмешался президент

Putin suffered shame in the sea of Azov: volatile deadbeat

As previously reported, Denis Lebedev, WBA heavyweight champion “retired”, became the object of ridicule because of the plans of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik. Commentator Vladimir Gendlin ridiculed the desire of Russian, comparing it with an anecdote:

“It’s not even of age, although this is a significant factor. We all know that Pro Boxing is half sport and half – commercial enterprise. I was just wondering, and someone in the world at least knows about Lebedev? Well, the Tendril about it know? It’s like that joke: “Going to marry the Queen, but she doesn’t know yet”. This fight will give the Mustache? The situation is very unfavorable for Lebedev. I don’t even know what the people who run his career, when achieve such a fight.”

Бой Усик - Лебедев: в дело вмешался президент

We will remind, the former world Boxing champion Dmitry Pirog commented on the fight the Tendril — Things. According to the athlete, the Tendril was the undisputed favourite in this match. However, Dmitry was expecting the intrigue in each round. Boxer said that the beginning of the fight was unexpected for him and he has looked very good.

Dmitry believes that Usyk has won the British public and thus be able to enter the battle with the world champion in a super heavyweight Anthony Joshua. Victory over Joshua, according to the ex-champion, will make him a great boxer.

Recall, Mustache revealed his main disadvantage: does Not obey his mother.

As reported Politeka, Belew broke down in tears after fight with Usyk: I Want to disappear video.

Also Politeka wrote that the football legend spoke about the fight the Tendril — Underwear: there’s No shame.

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