Fight for women or greed: activist sues Pavel Volya

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 Fight for women or greed: activist sues Pavel Volya

Balausa Tolegen, a 25-year-old resident of Kazakhstan, became the heroine of one of the monologues of Pavel Volya, comedian and resident of the Comedy Club. In the presentation accompanying the speech about the “special flying type of women”, a photograph of a girl surfaced, which caused her a negative reaction. She considered Volya's comments offensive and posted a video in which she called the jokes sexist, spoke about misogyny, bullying and ridicule of self-expression.

Many questions arose whether Tolegen's rights had really been violated, because the photo was kept in the public domain. However, after consulting with a lawyer, the activist decided to go to court.

Her friends supported the girl by spreading her post on social networks. However, there are those who responded with a hatred: “because it's just humor.” Balausa, however, cannot agree and comments on the situation as follows:

“There are a lot of people who say that I am hyping out of nothing. Yes, I'm hype and I don't see anything wrong with that. This is the only way to convey to the public, which has mixed feelings that what is happening is not okay. What do I specifically want? First, an elementary apology. And then I don't know yet. Will talk. Perhaps moral compensation.

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