Fight between military personnel: officers will be fired

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 Military brawl: officers will be fired

The IDF has published the findings of the investigation into the incident that led to the fight between the command of the special forces “Yehuda” and soldiers and officers of the 51st battalion of the Golani brigade at the Harsin outpost, which was presented yesterday to the Chief of Staff of the IDF, Major General Herzi Halevi.

The investigation shows that an “incident of verbal and physical violence” occurred between officers, commanders and fighters at the outpost. The event was preceded by a quarrel between the commanders of the 51st battalion “Golani” and the commanders of the Yehuda Regional Brigade. The commander of the Central Command concluded that this was a serious and shameful incident that was contrary to the spirit and values ​​​​of the IDF, especially when it comes to commanders and officers.

According to the results of the investigation a decision was made to take several steps:

will be ordered to initiate the procedure for the dismissal of the deputy commander of the brigade.

The deputy commander of the 51st battalion of the Golani brigade will also be removed from his post.

The order cancels the appointment of the commander of company C in 51 th Golani Battalion, and he will not be promoted to a command position.

The company's deputy commander, RSP, and the fighters involved in the incident will be disciplined by their commanders.

Chief of Staff Major General Herzi Halevi explained that “this is a serious and extreme incident during which violent actions took place involving commanders and soldiers. The IDF has tremendous power to protect the State of Israel, there is no place for violent actions in our ranks. This incident is a serious moral failure of the army.

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