FIFA President: Today I feel like an Arab

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 FIFA President: Today I feel like an Arab

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On Saturday, FIFA President Gianni Infantino criticized the “hypocrisy” Western critics regarding the human rights situation in Qatar, delivering an extraordinary tirade in defense of hosting the World Cup in the Gulf state.

“ just hypocrisy”,– he declared. “I don't want to give you any life lessons, but what's going on here is deeply, deeply unfair”.

another 3000 years before we start giving moral lessons to people”,– Infantino told hundreds of international media.

Infantino expressed confidence that Qatar and its capital Doha would be ready to host the “best World Cup in history”.

“Today I feel Qatari”, — FIFA leader said. “Today I feel like an Arab. Today I feel like an African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel like a guest worker”.

Another problem that arose in preparation for the tournament was the sale of beer in an Islamic state that strictly limits alcohol consumption. The organizers have decided to ban the sale of beer around the stadiums 48 hours before the start of the match.

“I personally believe that if you can't drink beer for three hours a day, you will survive”, – FIFA President Gianni Infantino commented on the sale of alcohol.

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