FIFA President aggressively responded to criticism of the World Cup in Qatar

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 FIFA President aggressively responded to criticism of the World Cup in Qatar

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A few days before the opening of the World Cup in Qatar and after sharp criticism for the decision to ban the sale of beer in stadiums during the World Cup, the current FIFA President Gianni Infantino held a press conference, where he sharply responded to all the attacks of critics and spoke about urgent issues.

Ever since FIFA chose Qatar to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it has been the subject of endless criticism. The attitude of the host towards the workers who built the stadiums, the attitude towards women, the LGBT community, etc. from all over the world, and the athletes themselves wonder why Qatar was chosen as the host nation.

Infantino was very firm and said at the beginning of his speech: “In recent months I have been calm, but now I consider it important to meet with the media and talk about all pressing issues. Today I have strong feelings, I feel like a Qatari, I feel like an Arab , I feel like an African, I feel like a gay, a disabled person, a foreign worker – and I feel all this because I have heard and seen that I do not read everything. I want to tell a personal story, because I am the son of foreign workers, my parents I worked very hard under strict conditions in Switzerland, and I remember it well. I'm not talking about apartheid, but I remember well where and how foreign workers lived and lived, I remember what happened to their passports. When I arrived in Doha, I went to look at the workers' quarters and said that the conditions were not good and should be changed, as Switzerland had done in the past.

“Who cares about the workers? FIFA, Qatar and football. There are 400 journalists here, two days ago I was here at an event for the disabled, but there were only four journalists. Nobody cares, but foreign workers are suffering and the gay community is suffering, and we must take care of all those who suffer. I read a study that said that because of the immigration policy of Europe, 25,000 workers died in eight years. Why weren't the families of these workers compensated? we look back at the problems of immigration and see that people really want to work abroad, Qatar offers them such an opportunity. They earn 10 times more here than in their country of origin. This helps them and their families to survive legally. .

The president of the most influential organization in world football also said: “In Europe, the borders are closed and foreign workers are not allowed to work legally. Those who have made it to Europe have come a hard way, and only a few have survived. If Europe cared, she could create a legal framework for them to earn a living like in Qatar and give them a job, a future, and hope. That doesn't mean we shouldn't criticize. But one-sided moral preaching is hypocrisy, gentlemen.”< br />
About the attitude towards the gay community, he said: “Everyone is welcome here. Anyone can come to Qatar, regardless of their nationality, religion, race and sexual orientation. It is true that there is a prison sentence for same-sex relationships, but this also happened in Switzerland when it hosted the World Cup. Are we going to attack the Qataris for this? This is a process. Everyone will have their own opinion and their own answer to this, including my late father and my children. br />About Israel: “We want to remain an international organization that unites the world. This tournament will light the eyes of the whole world. We all have different stories and different customs, but if something is unfair and wrong, it is important that you speak up about it and suggest how fix it. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan and the United States left, we thought about how we could help. I contacted the Qatari Foreign Ministry, who immediately responded, and thanks to him, we saved 160 women and children from there. We wanted countries to accept them , but all countries have closed the door on them, except Albania. There are still 400 football players from Afghanistan who still have nowhere to go. Thanks to our help, hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis will fly together for the first time on the same plane from Tel Aviv to Doha. Why don't we say about this?”

On the ban on alcohol sales in stadiums: “Every decision made at the World Cup was made jointly by Qatar and FIFA. There are many places for fans where they can drink alcohol. If you do not drink beer for three hours, you will survive, I promise you. I was told that sponsors will leave us and fans will not come to Qatar, but the broadcast rights were sold at a higher price, and we are more earned on sponsors and on tickets. We will benefit a lot from this tournament.

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