Fierce fighting in Jenin: the elimination of a terrorist from Hawar

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 Fierce fighting in Jenin: liquidation of terrorist from Hawar

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Today, March 7, clashes broke out between IDF forces and armed men in the Jenin refugee camp. The Palestinians reported that the IDF had surrounded the home of a Palestinian in Jenin and claimed that one Palestinian was wounded in the shootout. The Palestinians also reported that the IDF fired rockets at the house of an influential Palestinian in Jenin, causing the house to collapse.

Among the forces operating in the refugee camp are Yamam, Shin Bet and Sayeret Haruv. According to reports from the refugee camp, several terrorists were killed in the firefight, including one of the terrorists who carried out the attack in Hawar and killed two brothers Hillel and Yigal Yaniv.

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In the hours since the Hawara attack, intelligence has accumulated that has helped in the search for the terrorists, and as a result of a series of operations over the past few days, the area where the terrorist is believed to have fled has been reduced. The security system understood that the terrorist was receiving help on the spot, and knew how to assess the area, and based on intelligence, accurately determined the point where he was.

Accurate intelligence allowed him to get to the house where the terrorist was hiding, to provide pressure and expose one of his assistants. When did the "golden" information pointing exactly to the location of the apartment and shelter, the Shin Bet decided to send troops to Jenin to blockade the house, and a shootout began.

The Palestinians reported that at the beginning of the action, telephones messages that read: “Protect your children, this is for their own good and for the good of the whole family. We urge you to refrain from participating in violent actions and clashes against our forces during this period.

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