Fierce fighting in Jenin: IDF shares details

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 Fierce fighting in Jenin: IDF shares details

The Israel Defense Forces has provided an official comment regarding today's raid in Jenin.

The IDF confirmed information about the elimination of a suspect in a terrorist attack in Hawara, which killed two brothers Hillel and Yigal Yaniv.

“As a result of a joint operation between the IDF, Yamam, Shin Bet and Maghaw forces, wanted suspect Abd al-Fattah Hussein Ibrahim Kharusha, a Hamas militant, was recently neutralized in Jenin,” the statement said. message.

It is specified that the IDF used rockets and additional means, attacking the house in which the terrorist barricaded himself. During the raid, armed gunmen opened fire on Israeli forces. The IDF attacked in response, injuring several people.

“Armed suspects were also identified, who opened fire on the soldiers from the ambulance and used the car as a shield. In addition, explosive devices and stone blocks were thrown at the security forces, and numerous violent riots were provoked in the area. The forces responded with riot control equipment and live fire. A hit was detected,” the military added.

The IDF also confirmed that two drones crashed during the operation. The circumstances are being investigated. In parallel, in the city of Shechem, servicemen detained two sons of a terrorist suspected of aiding and planning a terrorist attack. They were handed over for interrogation.

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