FICG | Guadalajara International Film Festival

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FICG | Guadalajara International Film Festival

To celebrate and commemorate the history of those people who shaped cinema and culture in Mexico, the 36th edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival conducted a retrospective interview with the Mexican actress Elsa Aguirre, one of the divas and most important icons in the history of Mexican gold cinema.

In his successful career of almost 4 decades he acted together with other great celebrities in films such as “Care with Love” with Pedro Infante, “The Woman I Loved” with Agustín Lara, “Vanilla, Bronze and Die” with Ignacio López Tarso, and many, many more.

The talk was led by the teacher and film critic Silvestre López Portillo., And was presented live through the FICG social networks since, unfortunately, the actress suffered a last-minute health mishap that prevented her from traveling, but she He expressed his great wishes to go and meet the new generations of filmmakers.

Elsa Aguirre began by talking about her beginnings, talking about how she came from a large and very poor family. However, after having participated in a beauty pageant at the age of 15, the doors were opened to the world of acting. She remembered a particular moment during the filming of “El Ladrón” on the beaches of Acapulco, where at night she ran into a pelican on a rock that led her to a moment of deep introspection about her life and future.

That introspection led her to give her opinions on life, spirituality, and freedom and the search for personal mission as what moved her to acting and guided her throughout her life.

She spoke of her working process with directors and actors, explaining how she “lived the characters”, receiving very little direction and collaborating on rehearsals to better understand each character, but also expressed her desire at an early age to retire, to how she felt that the career that brought her fame was also preventing her from achieving the freedom that she always wanted all her life.

She expressed some of her biggest regrets and regrets, such as having lost her son at age 30 to alcoholism, and never having worked with the filmmaker Luis Buñuel or the actress María Félix, with whom she said she always had tensions that they could never solve. She also reflected on what the role of women was like in the past, the oppressions she experienced and how she is glad that this is changing.

The actress ended the talk by sending a message of encouragement to all directors and filmmakers at the FICG, congratulating herself for dedicating herself to art and harnessing its power to change the world, and as a “see you later”, she declared that she will continue to learn , enjoying what he has left, and taking responsibility for the life he lived

“We are architects of our own destiny. We cannot blame anyone, ”declared Elsa Aguirre.

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