Fessura: Italian sneakers that got out of your comfort zone

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 Fessura: Italian sneakers that stepped out of their comfort zone

At the very beginning of our new year, the WeShoes fashion shoe chain brought to Israel a new shoe brand Fessura from Italy – one of the hottest shoes in the world today.
…We've become so accustomed to running shoes that we've taken them for granted. That was until Fessura came along and took sneakers out of their comfort zone. and filled the brand with new meanings and values. The brand appeared in 1999. Today, Fessura is one of the most talked about brands in the world, advocating the need for social change and the preservation of the planet's ecology. Of course, these sneakers – environment friendly. The design of the sneaker is a combination of Italian urban fashion trends with cutting-edge innovations and new technologies.

 Fessura: An Italian sneaker that stepped out of its comfort zone

Runflex< /strong> from FessuraStriking and bold, the Runflex sneakers are like a work of modern art on your feet with pinstripes. Shurovka allows you to adjust the width of the shoe individually, the laces are made of cotton. Chunky XL Extralight foam midsole adds height and comfort. The interior is very soft and the extra insole can be removed if needed.
Cloud X from FessuraThe upper part of this model for men and women is made of lightweight lycra. Elastic decorative straps hold the foot tightly. The sole of the shoe is made of the lightest and most airy flexible EVA foam. The Cloud model also has an additional insole that comes with the shoe. The insole is made of cork material that takes the shape of the foot. Its material is antibacterial and helps prevent unwanted odors. The insole is removable and can be easily removed and washed with soap and water. Today, in Fessura sneakers, they run along the sea and go to parties, go hiking and come to the theater – they have become a coveted wardrobe item for fashionistas around the world.

 Fessura: Italian sneakers that got out of the comfort zone shoes at great discounts.

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