Fedez presents «Inhuman». The attack on Renzi on the “Saudi dollars” and the controversy with Meloni on Amazon- Corriere.it

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Fedez presents «Inhuman». The attack on Renzi on the “Saudi dollars” and the controversy with Meloni on Amazon- Corriere.it

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The «domestic» presentation of the new album. Lunge on “former premier who compliments dictation to a dictatorship that cuts off the heads of gays”

The atmosphere is that of the party: Fedez presents, on the day of its release, the new album Inhuman in a live social night, with Chiara Ferragni and some friends, based on Christmas lights, pandoro and bottles of champagne with the signature of Lady Gaga. The controversy of the piece, on the other hand, is direct and Fedez himself jokes about the «lawsuits in sight» when he anticipates the passages of «Un Giorno in Magistrale». In the viewfinder, first of all, Matteo Renzi, but not only. There are also Giorgia Meloni and the controversy on Amazon, in addition to the League.

Against Renzi

And it is precisely a sentence of Renzi – “First reaction: shock”, from a famous video of the former premier on social media – to hear at the beginning of the song “A day in the magistrate’s court”: “It is not true that to make money I had to know English “. ” they don’t like to put gags, they put them directly in hand luggage ». Fedez had already attacked Renzi via social media gorni ago, when the Zan bill was ditched in Parliament and the former premier was absent: “But the Renzi who proclaimed himself a champion of civil rights is the same one who today seems to have flown to Saudi Arabia while he ditched the Zan bill? To celebrate free speech, do we organize a scrabble match with Kim Jong-un? ».


Amazon chapter: the rapper has been criticized several times for never mentioning, in his “battles”, starting with the one on the Zan bill on the stage of the May Day Concert, the conditions of those who work for the American multinational (on Amazon Video the series will arrive soon The Ferragnez). “You enrich Amazon, I make myself enriched”, sings Fedez. And he attacks Meloni, who criticizes him on the subject but celebrates because “my book is first on Amazon”.


“It was a wonderful election campaign,” jokes Fedez. And he explains that the idea of ​​promoting the record in this way, simulating a “descent into the field” with the FedezElezioni2023 domain and election-like posters, was his. On the evening of the presentation of the album Chiara Ferragni reveals her favorite song: «Sapore». The wife, however, is advised, at home, not to “put it too high”, because in any case it is one in the morning. The atmosphere is, in fact, homely: the presentation was entrusted to a direct social network and not to a press conference. Among the other songs anticipated in the live “La Cassa Spinge”, made with Crookers, Myss Keta, Dargen D’Amico (and with a tribute to Damiano of Maneskin). On the track list: “Un giorno in magistrale”, “Faith and Hope”, “Stupido Stupido”, the song “Vittoria” dedicated to his daughter, “Look what you make me do”, “Vecchio” with Dargen D’Amico, “Fuori out of trouble »with Cara,« Notte Brava »,« The mothers of others »with Tananai.

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