Fecal catastrophe week: Volgograd residents collect water from puddles and drains

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 Fecal catastrophe week: Volgograd residents collect water from puddles and drains< /p>

On the night of October 28, a major municipal accident occurred in Volgograd: a concrete channel in which a sewer runs through the floodplain of the Tsaritsa River collapsed, which led to damage to at least one of its two threads. As a result of the accident, the contents of sewage began to come to the surface.

Ultimately, it was decided to suspend the water supply to several districts of the city. On October 29, the Volgograd administration declared a state of emergency.

According to the prosecutor's office of the Volgograd region, the water supply shutdown affected more than 1,100 apartment buildings, 17,000 private households and a number of social facilities in the Sovetsky and Voroshilovsky districts. V1.ru writes that about 200 thousand people were left without water.

On October 31, the prosecutor's office opened criminal cases on charges of improper performance of work and provision of services to citizens that do not meet safety requirements, as well as on water pollution. it is more than 200 thousand people. Now they have to adapt to life without heat and water.

Locals stand in long queues for technical water, which is brought up by fire trucks. But you can’t drink and wash with her, so you have to go to friends from other areas — collect water in buckets and eggplants. Richer people rent an apartment for this purpose. Someone draws water directly from puddles and drains to go to the toilet. The apartments themselves are cold — you have to warm yourself from stoves and split systems, but they are not enough. Volgograd residents complain that the authorities do not give them any deadlines for completing repairs. They promise to give water from day to day, leaving in the dark. At the same time, if the townspeople were immediately told how the repair would be delayed, they could adjust their plans and move to friends or relatives.

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