February 3: events, dates, signs, birthdays

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 February 3: events, dates, signs, birthdays

In our calendar, we talk about important dates, interesting events, and also pay attention to the signs of the day and, of course, congratulate birthday people on Angel Day.

So February 3, 2023 – 345th day of Russian aggression (day 345 Russian aggression)

Today, February 3, celebrating:International Day Against Profanity; Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party in Vietnam; Day "Naked at work"; Our Lady of Suyapa Day in Honduras; Veterans Day in Thailand; Heroes Day in Mozambique; Day of a significant breakthrough; Annual leave for servants and maids in Austria; National Day of Women Doctors in the USA; National Red Dress Day in the UK and USA; Setsubun in Japan.

The Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Maximus the Confessor. The saint became the abbot of the monastery and became famous as a strict defender of Orthodoxy.

International Day Against Profanity

Anti-Profanity Day was initiated by social media users in 2022 and is celebrated on February 3rd. The idea of ​​the holiday lies in the need to cultivate a culture of communication in children and to reduce the use of slander in adults. It is adults who are an example for the younger generation.

The dominance of foul language in our lives is sometimes very great. Philologists believe that if it exists, then this is a certain need of society and profanity has the right to life. These days, swearing is usually understood as the highly emotional use of forbidden terms to do things like insult, blow off steam, amplify what has been said, or simply signal displeasure.

People very often forget about it and it becomes one of the words of parasites that “decorate” our speech with or without. The key point in all this is that we need to work with the negativity in our lives. If you simply ignore it, the problem will not go away on its own.

Major Push Day

February 3rd is Big Push Day. At the heart of the holiday is the idea of ​​a final rupture of extremely bad and dead-end relationships with someone.

Big Dash Day is held annually the week before Valentine's Day. On this Day, the official calendar suggests that you take action to break up with the parasite. Dead ends and bad relationships can harm both you and the person you are trying to maintain them with. Perhaps it's time to free yourself and your partner from them?


1820 – Elizabeth Blackwell – the world's first female doctor;
1859 – Hugo Junkers – German aircraft designer;
1872 – Ivan Fomin – architect, one of the founders of neoclassicism, author of the building of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv;
1874 – Gertrude Stein – American writer, author of the phrase "lost generation";
1898 – Alvar Aalto – Finnish architect, the largest figure in the architecture of Finland, “father of modernism” in Northern Europe, one of the most important representatives of Scandinavian design.

Back in this day –February 3– in different years there were events that influenced the course of world history:

1488 – Bartolomeu Dias reached the Cape of Good Hope;

1509 – during the Portuguese-Mamluk naval war, the Battle of Diu took place, which led to the formation of Portuguese India;

1637 – tulip mania in the Netherlands. The number of sellers of tulips exceeded the number of buyers, because of which a stock market panic began and in just one night thousands of Dutch people were ruined;

1690 – In the English colony of Massachusetts, for the first time in America, paper money came into circulation. They were used to pay mercenary soldiers in the war with Quebec;

1815 – the world's first cheese factory was founded in Switzerland;

1830 – Representatives of Russia, Great Britain, France signed the London Protocol, which recognized Greece as an independent constitutional monarchy. Before that, for several centuries, Greece was under the yoke of the Turkish Sultan;

1848 – the British government issued a proclamation for a protectorate over the territory of the Orange River, South Africa;

1851 – French physicist Jean Foucault submitted a written report to the Paris Academy of Sciences, in which he described in detail the experiment with a free pendulum, thereby establishing the law of deviation of the plane of its oscillation due to the rotation of the Earth around its axis;

1858 – the first tram was launched in Havana, Cuba;

1863 – the local newspaper of the town of Virginia (Nevada) published a humorous story by 27-year-old journalist Samuel Langhorn Clemens, signed by the pseudonym Mark Twain;

1894 – the first steel-hulled sailboat was launched in the USA;

1917 – The United States severed diplomatic relations with Germany. The reason for the demarche was the sinking of the American steamer Housatonic off the coast of Sicily;

1918 – The All-Russian Central Executive Committee issued a decree on the annulment of all state internal and external loans of the tsarist and Provisional governments (for a total of 60000000000 rubles). It's so easy to get out of debt…;

1921 – in Tarnow (Poland) began work “Council of the Republic” – provisional Ukrainian government in exile;

1926 – in Czechoslovakia, Czech became the official language of the country;

1930 – in India, for the first time, a representative of the untouchable caste became a member of the local council;

1940 – in Winnipeg the Ukrainian Committee of Canada was created;

1940 – during the Battle of Britain, the first German bomber was shot down over England;

1945 – American troops broke through the German Siegfried Line;

1945 – during the Second World War, the Vistula-Oder operation ended, the purpose of which was to capture the territory of Poland by the Soviet army and prepare for a decisive blow to Berlin;

1953 – the book of the French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau “The World of Silence” was published; – the most famous work of the scientist, in which he described the unique results of a three-year study of the underwater world;

1954 – Residents of Sydney met the British Queen Elizabeth II at the port. British monarch sets foot on Australian soil for the first time;

1962 – the US government has imposed an embargo on trade with Cuba;

1966 – The Soviet unmanned space station Luna-9, launched from the surface of the Earth on January 31, landed on the surface of the Moon. The station was the first to transmit panoramic photos of the lunar surface to Earth;

1968 – Paul McCartney without the rest of the “Beatles” recorded the song "Lady Madonna";

1969 – in Cairo, at the Palestinian National Congress, Yasser Arafat was elected the new leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization – founder and chairman of the terrorist organization Fatah;

1981 – Gro Harlem Brundtland became the first woman – Prime Minister, heading the government of Norway;

1984 – in Long Beach (California, USA) the first child was born, conceived by the method of artificial insemination of a woman by a donor, followed by implantation of a fertilized egg in the mother's body;

1987 – Yury Churbanov, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR, was arrested on charges of taking a bribe – son-in-law of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev;

1989 – as a result of an armed coup in Paraguay, General Alfredo Stroesner, who was president of this country for 35 years, was removed from power;

1992 – Ukraine established diplomatic relations with Turkey;

1994 – US President Bill Clinton lifted the economic embargo on communist Vietnam that had been in place for 19 years;

1994 – Boris Yeltsin and Eduard Shevardnadze signed an agreement on friendship and military cooperation between Russia and Georgia;

1994 – The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified in full the Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START-1);

2005 – The most expensive newspaper in the world was published in China. Special issue of “Economic Daily” in Shenzhen city was printed on golden paper. The cost of one copy of the newspaper was 8,000 US dollars;

2009 – Iran launched the first national satellite Omid (Nadezhda) into low Earth orbit using its Safir launch vehicle;

2009 – The International Court of Justice in The Hague issued a verdict on the status of the Ukrainian Serpent's Island and the shelf in the North-Western Black Sea. Serpentine is recognized as an island;

2010 – sculpture by the Swiss master Alberto Giacometti "Walking Man" was sold at Sotheby's for a record £65,000,000 ($104.3 million);

2019 – Pope Francis arrives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, becoming the first pope to visit the Arabian Peninsula.

Church/Folk Day

February 3rd to Orthodox tradition honors the memory of St. Maximus the Greek. He is considered the protector of the downtrodden, orphans, widows and all those who are in trouble.

Maximus the Confessor lived in the 7th century, received a good education and was an adviser to Emperor Heraclius. In those days, the Monothelite heresy appeared– the doctrine according to which Jesus Christ has one will, and not two, as the Orthodox Church claimed.

Then the saint left the service, took monastic vows, and entered a monastery, where he devoted much of his time to fighting heretics. The monk went to Rome, where he persuaded Pope Martin not to accept the doctrine and gather a council against him. The emperors regarded this as impudence and exiled both saints to Chersonese, where the pope died.

On February 3, couples often held rituals to strengthen their marriage. To do this, they joined hands and said the following prayer: “What God has united, man cannot separate.” Saint Maximus is considered a protector and comforter in times of trouble. Therefore, today we prayed and remembered with a good word everyone who had ever helped a neighbor. They also prayed to the saint for the patronage of orphans and widows.

In the peopleFebruary 3 was also called Maxim's Day, also popularly called Maxim the Comforter or Maxim the Confessor. On this day, it is customary to do good deeds and help those who are in trouble.

Mistresses in this day they baked salted pies stuffed with meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, which they treated their relatives and friends. It was customary to distribute part of the treat to the poor and starving, so that the family would have prosperity and prosperity.

Traditional healers performed various rituals for the treatment and purification of energy, especially if a strong wind blew – it increased the effectiveness of the rite.

A person born on the feast of St. Maximus the Greek will become a good host. Turquoise is considered its amulet stone.

February 3: what not to do

You can't sew on buttons because you won't get rid of old problems.
You can't swear, quarrel with each other and spread gossip.
It is strictly forbidden to ignore calls and requests for help.
Don't give your neighbors salt –give away your happiness with it.

February 3: folk omens

Clear weather today – there will be prolonged frosts.
The moon is visible through the clouds – ; spring will come early.
Plans for this date were violated –God took away from something bad.
If the crescent “stuck” into the clouds, then the year will be super-productive.

Name days: Anastasia, Anna, Evgeny, Ivan, Ilya, Maxim.

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