FC Barcelona may cease to exist

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Prosecutors have prepared a list of allegations of corruption and bribery during the time when the club illegally cooperated with the vice-head of the Spanish Referees Committee Enriquez Negreira .

Official Spanish sources report this.

“Barcelona” are accused of forging commercial documents, neglecting administrative matters, using “corruption schemes”; and mechanisms for bribing arbitrators in their favor. There are a huge number of defendants in the case, including the Catalan club, the ex-bosses of the club Sandro Rosel along with Josep Bartomeu, and there are also the names of ex-directors Oscar Grau and Albert Soler. Joan Laporta. The acting boss of Barcelona is a witness in the case.

and Negreira took place not only in the framework of consultations in the judiciary. The team could, with the help of finances, influence the receipt of the “best” referees for their matches, including using refereeing privileges in their fights.

will be proven in court, the team can expect 3 types of punishment. These are economic sanctions, deprivation of points in the standings and a corresponding reduction in the class and liquidation of the club in the status of a legal entity.

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