FBI to investigate murder of Shirin Abu-Akle

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 FBI to investigate murder of Shirin Abu Akle

The United States has informed Israel that the FBI will investigate the death of journalist Shirin Abu Akle. A 51-year-old Palestinian-American journalist was killed in Jenin on May 11 this year while covering clashes between the IDF and terrorists in a refugee camp.

“The decision by the US Department of Justice to investigate the unfortunate death of Shirin Abu Akle is a gross mistake,” Secretary of Defense Benny Gantz said in response. “The IDF conducted an independent and professional investigation, the results of which were presented to the Americans, we shared all the details. I made it clear to the American representatives that we support the IDF soldiers, that we will not cooperate with any external investigation and will not allow interference in Israel's internal affairs.

The intention of the Americans to launch an investigation was first reported on Channel 14. According to an IDF investigation into the killing of an Al Jazeera journalist, Shirin Abu Akle, journalist with a “high probability” was killed by IDF fire. However, the source of the fire cannot be unequivocally determined. “The IDF is working to ensure journalistic coverage and freedom of the press,” Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said after receiving the investigation's findings.

Following the release of the results of the investigation, an IDF spokesman clarified that if the fatal shot was indeed fired by IDF soldiers, then it was done by accident and shot in the direction of those identified as Palestinian militants who opened “massive, indiscriminate and life-threatening fire” . The army also stressed that the likelihood that the journalist was killed by Palestinian fire remains the same. The military prosecutor's office determined that there was no suspicion of a criminal offense in the Israel Defense Forces to justify an investigation.

About two months after the murder of the journalist, the Palestinian Authority agreed to submit the bullet that killed her for ballistic examination in the presence of Israeli and American experts. During the examination, it was found that in the light of the physical condition of the bullet and the condition of the marks on it, it is really difficult to draw conclusions. Therefore, even during this check, it was not possible to determine whether the bullet was fired from an IDF weapon or not.

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