Father of seven children shot dead terrorist in Tekoa

 A father of seven shot a terrorist in Tekoa

The Israeli media published details of the liquidation of the terrorist in Tekoa on the evening of May 8.

The terrorist was killed by Yair Maimon, a member of the settlement's security detachment.

Maimon says: “I was sitting on the balcony with my wife and children and drinking tea. Suddenly, I saw a guy climbing over the fence next to my house. I screamed – Who are you? He mumbled something unintelligible in response. I immediately realized that this was a terrorist attack. I took my wife and seven children into the house and shut them up there. I left the house and realized that the terrorist walked around me around the parking lot. I heard the bushes crunch under his feet. I turned around and saw him before my eyes, he had a knife in his hands. I immediately fired several bullets at him and neutralized him. All this could have ended completely differently.

The terrorist, 17-year-old Mohammed Taleb Atallah from the village of Hermela, was killed on the spot.

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