Fatah warns: Israeli policy will lead to prison uprising

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 Fatah warns: Israeli policy will lead to prison uprising

Fatah member Qadri Abu Bakr, chairman of the Commission on Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners, warned that National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir's plan to impose further restrictions on Palestinian terrorist prisoners could lead to “general uprising” in Israeli prisons.

This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Abu Bakr said that dozens of prisoners are already being held in solitary confinement in various prisons. He said that solitary confinement and the decision to redistribute prisoners between several prisons is aimed at causing “training”; among prisoners.According to Abu Bakr, prisoners who refuse to be transferred to other institutions are subject to punitive measures, including solitary confinement.

more punitive measures have been taken. The prisoners are determined to oppose the measures. They may resort to a general uprising, which means some may be killed or injured,” he warned.

Monday announced the state of “general combat readiness” in all Israeli prisons and declared that they were ready to lead the “battle for independence and freedom”.

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