Fashion trend: Why take an orange in the shower

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 Fashion trend: Why take an orange in the shower

A new trend is gaining momentum on Tiktok, advising you to take an orange in the shower with you. The trend concept is simple – you need to take a fruit, turn on the shower, peel and eat it. TikTok audiences are increasingly praising the virtues of this ritual.

“I first saw this concept on TikTok”, – says nutritionist Maggie Michalczyk. “It was just a video of someone peeling an orange in the shower with soft music playing. It looked very relaxing and I could almost smell the citrus oranges from watching the video. I thought I should give this a try because I bet it would be very energizing!”

Michalczyk tried this and found she liked how the shower steam enhanced the orange flavor.
“There are many wellness rituals that can make you feel a little more energized or motivated”,– explained the nutritionist. “Living in Chicago where there isn't a lot of sunshine in the winter, I like to add a boost of energy on a gray day and that's another reason I eat an orange in the shower”.

Nutritionist and author Nutritionist Alyssa Northrup explained the trend: “People are trying the TikTok trend of eating oranges in the shower because the heat in the shower enhances the smell and taste of oranges.”

“Brushing an orange under a hot shower helps release that invigorating fragrant citrus aroma”, – Michalczyk says.

The result is a shower that feels like a luxurious spa, and the smell of oranges can be especially delicious.

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