Fashion review: 5 malls in Tel Aviv where you should buy brands

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 Fashion Review: 5 shopping malls in Tel Aviv where you should buy brands

Rumors that there is no fashion in Israel – are outdated, there is fashion in Israel, and its connoisseurs and connoisseurs, and more and more famous elite brands open their representative offices in our country. It is no coincidence that in recent years Tel Aviv has been awarded the title of “Middle Eastern shopping capital”. So, where to go for trendy shopping in Tel Aviv?

Kikar HaMedina – the heart of Tel Aviv fashion

Of course, it is best to start high-end shopping in the heart of Tel Aviv's fashion at Kikar HaMedina Square. It is here that the luxury boutiques of the most famous high fashion brands are concentrated, and it is here that you can often meet visiting world celebrities who have chosen the fashionable quarter as a place to stay and as a place for branded shopping.

 Trendy review: 5 malls in Tel Aviv where you should buy brands

On Kikar HaMedina you forget that you are in Israel: completely European style of shops, European level of service and European sophistication. For example, a boutique of one of the most successful Italian brands of luxury prêt-à-porter ELISABETTA FRANCHI has recently opened here. It is designed in the same way as branches in Milan, Paris, Dubai, Moscow and other world capitals. The design of the store, tiles, curtains, carpets were brought from Italy, and even the smell in the store is branded. By the way, the pricing policy here is the same as in the main branch in Milan.

Ramat Aviv Canyon – glamorous paradise

Another shopping center that is so loved by local and visiting fashionists – This is Ramat Aviv Canyon. This is the place where it is difficult to meet the usual relaxed Israelis in flip flops and shorts, the audience here is more and more in elegant dresses and suits. The center attracts by the fact that, under one roof, there are more than 100 boutiques of foreign and Israeli brands, including many premium brands. Fashion shows and presentations are often held here, and it is located in a prestigious area of ​​Tel Aviv.

 Fashion review: 5 shopping malls in Tel Aviv worth shopping for brands

Of course, as in all major shopping centers in Israel, here you can buy not only clothes and shoes, but also luxurious lingerie from prestigious brands. So, for example, here you can find one of the leading boutiques of the Jack Kuba luxury lingerie chain. Israelis have known this brand for a long time, love it and value it for its exceptional quality and impeccable design.

Dizengoff Center – the largest fashion center

The Dizengoff Center is especially reverent for Tel Aviv residents, because this is the very first Tel Aviv shopping center, it was built back in 1983, and is located he's in the part of town where the Israeli beau monde likes to hang out.

 Trendy review: 5 malls in Tel Aviv where you should buy brands

Here you can find a lot of designer clothes, the so-called “Israeli style”. It is no secret that Israelis love comfort, and they prefer comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and shoes made of pleasant breathable fabrics. Fans of uncompromising comfort should visit the WeShoes store, which represents many world brands, including the Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen. Their design philosophy is based on Scandinavian simplicity, where nature and comfort blend harmoniously with the elegance of modern urban living.

Dizengoff Center is universal, there are about 500 different stores of different levels – among them you will find prestigious European brands, and boutiques of fashionable Israeli designers, and a popular mass market, and even democratic brands designed for young people and teenagers.

Gan ha-Ir – measured shopping

Another, deserving special attention shopping center – this is a semi-open passage Gan ha-Ir, with a fountain and many cozy cafes. Tel Aviv residents like to come here for relaxed shopping with friends, not only to buy fashionable items, but also to have a good time. Unlike other malls, Gan HaIr is not too crowded on weekdays and here you can really calmly walk through the shops, of which there are more than 100. The mall seems to reflect the classic spirit of Tel Aviv, bright, diverse, in perpetual motion and enjoying life.

 Trendy review: 5 malls in Tel Aviv, where to buy brands

That is why it was chosen by many elite brands with a history, such as the chain of Italian shoes Lafayette Italy, which has existed in Israel for about 85 years. Private, exclusive brand Lafayette Italy create about 40 Italian luxury brands. All models combine impeccable quality, relevance and exclusivity: in Israel, each pair is only 8-10 copies.

TLV Fashion Mall – young and modern

The newest and probably the most fashionable shopping center in Tel Aviv – this is TLV Fashion Mall. It is located in the business center of the city, surrounded by modern offices and high-tech offices, where you can feel the youthful spirit and non-stop rhythm of the city like nowhere else.

 Fashion review: 5 malls in Tel Aviv where you should buy brands

The new mall is harmonious blends in with the surroundings: the shopping center regularly hosts various blogger presentations and fashion collection shows, here you will find brands of different categories from democratic youth brands to eminent representatives of haute couture fashion. And besides, the most prestigious cosmetic and perfume brands have chosen the new center. It is home to major branded stores for cool beauty brands such as M.A.C, Clinique, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown and London-based niche perfume brand Jo Malone London. If you want to experience the true atmosphere of the city without interruption – to TLV Fashion Mall.

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