Fashion critic “killed” Pugachev: “bad taste and slonopotamus feet”

Модный критик «уничтожил» Пугачеву: «дурной вкус и слонопотамные ноги»

Fashion designer Alexander Vasilyev, who, by the way, is friends with Alla Pugacheva, and criticized her figure and her style

Fashion historian and host of the show “Fashion verdict” Vasiliev just steamroller drove over to her friend. “Bad taste and slonopotamus feet,” he did not hesitate in assessing the appearance and ability to dress up the prima Donna of the Russian stage.

Later, however, the designer tried to make excuses. He accused the journalists in the illegal shooting and that he did not understand.

Модный критик «уничтожил» Пугачеву: «дурной вкус и слонопотамные ноги»

Fashion historian in plain text called Alla Pugacheva, the “Queen of bad taste in Russia.” Couturier also noted that the singer has a terrible haircut and ugly clothes. He was particularly outraged by the length of the dresses of the singer, which did not conceal the “konopatnyh feet.”

Later, when he was pushed to the wall, Vasiliev, his words not refuse, but tried to alleviate them and give them a different meaning.

For example, he noted that 15 years ago, the color of the clothes worn by Pugachev seemed “wild ugliness”, and after a time this fashion.

He also justified the robes on the artist. According to the designer, Pugachev often played at stadiums. And the audience saw her, she was forced to dress massively differently in fitted clothes, it would, supposedly, no one noticed. To be visible, the artist, according to Vasilyev, also began to wear wigs and high platform.

As previously reported, Pugachev nearly lost his life trying to please a young lover who was younger than her 12 years. Mila Andreeva, a friend of the star said that Pugacheva went under the surgeon’s knife in the hope to rejuvenate, but something went wrong.

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The singer brought the infection that could be fatal: instead of youth and beauty, Alla almost got the grave in a Moscow cemetery.

Модный критик «уничтожил» Пугачеву: «дурной вкус и слонопотамные ноги»

“Alla and went to the clinic in Switzerland and had plastic surgery. The operation went wrong, she brought the infection. Constantly had a fever, she was down and softly curled, it was terrible to watch. Thank God, was saved by doctors at a Moscow hospital when he was really bad,” recalls a friend Pugacheva.

We also wrote that Pugachev came on the anniversary of his longtime friend and forced everyone to speak only about themselves.

The diva appeared at the concert Valery Leontiev on his 70th anniversary. Alla lost weight and was dressed modestly but stylishly. Her appearance caused in the audience applause and the admiring whispers.

Recall, Pugachev on the holiday fun online.

As reported Politeka, Alla Pugacheva showed what actually Maxim Galkin.

Also Politeka wrote that Orbakaite hates children Pugacheva and Galkina.

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