Farewell to Elizabeth II: presented a plan for 10 days

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 Farewell to Elizabeth II: 10 days plan presented

In the UK, presented a plan of action for the next 10 days in connection with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Recall that the queen died yesterday, August 8, at the age of 96 years. On the first day of mourning, there will be fireworks in Hyde Park and Tower Hill, according to The Guardian. There will also be a nationwide minute of silence. The King will have his first audience with the Prime Minister and will meet with the Count Marshal. The state funeral is to take place in 10 days. Also, the king will broadcast for the UK and the Commonwealth during the week. Further, a proclamation will be read at the Royal Exchange in the City of London. The heir to the throne will have an audience with the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Dean of Westminster. The official memorial ceremony will take place in Parliament. After that, the coffin will be transported from Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The ceremonial procession will then travel from Holyrood along the Royal Mile to St. Giles' Cathedral. There will be a church service with the participation of members of the royal family. After the Cathedral of St. Giles will be open to the general public for a day. Then the coffin will be delivered to London, to Buckingham Palace. This will happen a few hours before the big ceremony. The coffin will be placed in the center of Westminster Hall, which will be open to the public for five days. The funeral itself will take place at Westminster Abbey. A two-minute silence will be declared throughout the country. After the service, a ceremonial procession will accompany the coffin to Hyde Park. There he will be moved to a hearse and sent to Windsor. After that, a divine service will take place in the chapel of St. George. Foreign royal families will attend the funeral.

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