Fans suspected Olga freymut in preparation for the new show

Поклонники заподозрили Ольгу Фреймут в подготовке к новому шоу

People believe that a celebrity will participate in the third season of “Dancing with the stars”.

In autumn the new season of the renewed “Dancing with the stars” and while celebrities are kept secret. But polonici Olga Freimut sure that she got their number and will participate in the show. The reason for such findings was leading a new photo, where she poses in the dance Studio with choreographer Jana Zayets, who last year was paired with Irakli Makatsaria, reports the with reference to Viva.

And though to share the details of your training with the dancer Olga did not, fans immediately decided — this is all because of “Dancing with the stars.”

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“Preparing for the “Dancing with the stars”?”, “Nikoli not divilasya tancu z with stars! Ale yakscho VI will be there, all vypuski peredurus,” write polonici Oli under her photo. However, the very leading hurried to answer the speculation of subscribers, noting that it plans to participate in the project: “No, I’m to this project is not ready”.

Поклонники заподозрили Ольгу Фреймут в подготовке к новому шоу

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