Famous Ukrainian singer told about the trouble: “Expect a Miracle”

Известная украинская певица рассказала о своей беде: "Жду Чуда"

Ukrainian singer Natalia Valevskaya had surgery to become a mother

37-year-old singer admitted to his followers that many years dreaming about the child, but all attempts were vain.

“At some point I realized that more than anything I want to be a mother. Everything else is also important, but falls by the wayside compared to this. For many years, unfortunately, this dream remains only a dream. However, I’m not going to give up and determined,” wrote the description.

Известная украинская певица рассказала о своей беде: "Жду Чуда"

The singer said that deliberately lies down on the operating table “for your health and for the health of the unborn baby.”

Surgery singer made in the Medical center Oleg Kolibaba. Reported that all went well, and thanked its readers for their support.

Известная украинская певица рассказала о своей беде: "Жду Чуда"

“By his example, I want to show other couples as we are with Vladimir, many years waiting for a Miracle. They were courageous and did not lose hope. With God!” — wrote the singer.

Известная украинская певица рассказала о своей беде: "Жду Чуда"

But Masha Efrosinina does not belong to that category of stars who do not publish in social networks photos of their children. On the contrary, the presenter regularly writes the funny video his son Alexander, and daughter, Nana attends fashion shows.

NASU already considered to be an adult, she was 15 years old. On his page in Instagram Mary said as born Nana. It turns out, the birth was very difficult and Masha even fainted from shock when did not hear the wailing of the child. And it was in that baby’s just tired and fell asleep.

We will remind, the girl gave birth to a healthy camerasex, but tragedy: “nobody survived”.

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