Famous Ukrainian singer told about the betrayal of the beloved

Известная украинская певица рассказала об измене возлюбленного

The man cheated on the singer with her fan.

Victoria Smouha — member of the group “Neangely”, whose real name is Ekaterina Smouha, a few years ago survived infidelity. About how refers to this drama now, and plans to marry a new suitor, openly said in an interview, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Clutch.

In 2016 fans of the group “Neangely” waiting for the wedding party sexy brunettes. The chosen girl was the stuntman Ivan Strizhakov. The lovers didn’t hide their feelings for each other, as evidenced by the happy pictures on social networks of both. From the date of offer hands and hearts it took only five months changed favorite singer with her fan.

“I really wanted love is mutual, but the man betrayed, and that’s it. I had to go through it to pass this stage to take a fresh look at all that we have,” says the singer with “Srcover path”.

And today, Vick is happy in a relationship with her new lover.

“Yes, it’s true, I’m not one and I do have something to say. And I’m very happy in my life was a man whom I loved, respected and appreciated. It has nothing to do with show business. Known for over a year. I do believe that everything should start with friendship. When people with you on the same page and then it makes sense to live, and to live a life,” says the star.

On the question of whether living together with your beloved, he replied: “didn’t want to clarify, but I get pleasure from this relationship because I am in love”.

New boyfriend to encounter, knew absolutely nothing about the group “Neangely” and who is Victoria Smouha. He still calls her by her real name, because Victoria is the nickname that Yuri Nikitin came up with when creating a group “Neangely”. Home? “DeAngelo” calls Kate.

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“Anyway, the name Kate — it is my home. And all your friends, all your loved ones and even the young man I first said call me my first name. Favorite Katyusha calls home, as both parents and sister. And I don’t think it is shameful, and I’m rather proud of, because creativity is creativity, and your family roots, your parents who actually do so awarded, they should you still be called by your real name,” said the star.

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