Famous Ukrainian singer admitted that betrayed her husband

Известная украинская певица призналась, что изменила мужу

The singer has gone from her first husband fell in love with another.

Sometimes it seems that the Glory Kaminskaya know everything. However, under the heading “Kava z pepper” the soloist “DeAngelo” has shared new details of his personal life. The star was told about the excessive frankness, which almost ruined her life, and why grateful people, who survived the marriage, according to the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Thank Kaminska admitted if she cheated on her husband. According to the artist, the reason for the divorce with her first husband, Eugene became her love to another man.

“Present – clearly, no. And I don’t plan in principle. Well, what to call it has changed… I just came in and said, “Jack, I’m sorry, I’m in love. And all we need to divorce”, – says Slava.

We will note, in June 2012, Glory Kaminska was first married to a businessman named Eugene. A year later, the couple announced the divorce. The initiator was the Glory, because fell in love with another. And although the relationship with the young man lasted only 4 months, now star says that her adultery was only for the better.

“I can tell you that when I broke up with a young man, for whom I’m divorced with her I was very upset. Then I met Edgar. That is, it was such a period. We wouldn’t be married, wouldn’t communicate, if I was married. All was in order, that my life was like it is now,” – said the star.

Mack first appeared in public after the accident

The details of the personal lives of Fame Kaminskaya learn in category “Kava z pertsem”.

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