Famous Russian athlete fled the country: “fear no one”

Известная российская спортсменка сбежала из страны: "никого не боюсь"

Champion of the world after the scandal left Russia

Two-time silver medalist of the Olympics-2018 figure skater Evgeny Medvedev left Russia to Canada.

18-year-old athlete for more than 10 years collaborated with the honored coach of Russia Eteri Tutberidze. But after the Olympic games in 2018, she accused the coach that he paid too little attention to her. Because it took only “silver”. If Tutberidze another year left in juniors Alina Sagitova, the first place has got to be Medvedeva.

Известная российская спортсменка сбежала из страны: "никого не боюсь"

In the canadian Toronto skater will be coached by Brian Orser.

“This was my hardest choice, the most difficult in my life. I just didn’t know what to do, but in the end saw a glimmer in his future. I just want to go forward. And I’m not afraid anymore, not afraid of anything! I feel confident and freely on the ice. I can enjoy every moment”, — said Evgeny Medvedev.

She added that she does not associate the concept of home with a specific place.

“My home is where my loved ones”, — said the skater.

Известная российская спортсменка сбежала из страны: "никого не боюсь"

Earlier it was reported that the world is still trial and subsequent punishment of Russian athletes for doping at the Olympic games.

This time the court of arbitration for Sport sentenced a Russian Anicet Kirdyapkina, which stands in the discipline of walking.

The court decided to disqualify the Russian woman and to deprive her of several medals received from 2011 to 2013.

Anise Kirdyapkin, were found guilty of use of illegal drugs.

The case against her was initiated by the International Association of athletics federations in connection with a deviation of indicators in the passport of blood.

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The first of February 2019, the court decided to disqualify a woman for three years from July 27, 2017 to July 26, 2020.

We will remind, the Russian athlete was shot in a kebab shop: “No need to go into adventure”.

As reported Politeka, the world champion of Cycling caught in a doping scandal.

Politeka also wrote that police raided the Russian biathletes: “threatened with imprisonment”.

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