Famous Russian actor secretly married and became a father photo

Знаменитый российский актер тайно женился и стал отцом, фото

Star of the famous television series “Matchmakers” Fedor Dobronravov became a grandfather, and this the audience found out by accident

As you know, 29-year-old Ivan Dobronravov, Fyodor Dobronravov son, as the son went to the artists. But personal life he does not like to make public.

Знаменитый российский актер тайно женился и стал отцом, фото

That Fyodor Dobronravov is the granddaughter told the elder brother of Ivan Victor. This is the confession he made in the program “One day” on NTV.

Victor admitted that his father Fyodor loves to babysit granddaughter. Besides Victor and he is crazy about his charming niece. He is sure that his daughters — Varya and Vasilisa will soon take her to his team.

Знаменитый российский актер тайно женился и стал отцом, фото

“Vera Ivanovna, as the youngest, her all the attention. But then it will take a little amount of time she will begin to walk, they will be all together this swarm to run. Cooking is a grown man she calls father, “Papa”, and Vasilisa “uncle Fedya”. When I was little, she was even afraid of his energy, and now she him the odds to give”, — said Victor in an interview for the program “One day”.

By the way, shortly before the birth of a daughter, in December 2017, Ivan married his beloved. About the wife of the youngest of the dynasty Dobronravova almost nothing is known. The girl’s name is Anna, and she is not a public profession.

Earlier it was reported that in District administrative court of may 17, held the first hearing on the case is prohibited in the country of the Russian-Ukrainian series “Matchmakers”. A lawsuit against the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, the state and the security Service of Ukraine filed a broadcasting company “Studio “1+1” and LLC “Cenacarta”.

According to representatives of “95 Quarter” in his claim, they, in particular, is governed by the Constitution of Ukraine, namely article 61, which States: “Legal responsibility is individual”.

Thus, the question of Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov, who has previously spoken positively about the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the broadcast of the show on the territory of Ukraine can not deny. Responsibility for their actions should bear exclusively Dobronravov.

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