Famous names new leading “heads and tails”: the Russian master of ceremonies and guitarist

Известны имена новых ведущих «Орел и решка»: российский тамада и гитаристка

Before the premiere of the new season of the travel show “heads and tails” there is very little time

The producers of the project has now lifted the curtain of secrecy and named the new lead of the show.

So explore the world under season of “Megacities” of the popular TV project will be Anton Zaitsev and Olga Antipova.

What is known about the newly-popular of the leading in Ukraine and abroad show?

Известны имена новых ведущих «Орел и решка»: российский тамада и гитаристка

So to participate in the “heads and tails” new senior project Anton was the host of the morning TV shows and evening karaoke show in Ekaterinburg, Russia. And the education he is the actor of drama theatre and cinema. It is also known that the man worked in radio and leading events:

“I’m 25 years, including 17 years-be something I’m: concerts, programs, events, – says Anton. – I grew in love with his profession, and in what you are doing now. “Heads and tails. Megacities” – it will be impossible to brave the season. I admit, I get immense pleasure from testing their own capabilities and verification of willpower. And I would really like to get the audience to have fun with me.”

Известны имена новых ведущих «Орел и решка»: российский тамада и гитаристка

Putin grandiose disgraced the Baptism: “we had to dip in boiling water”

The female half of the new show “heads and tails” Olga Antipova – the soloist of the Belarusian folk song ensemble “Giva”. It is known that she entered the Academy of aviation on the air traffic controller, but later transferred to the Institute of entrepreneurial activity in the specialty “Economist-Manager”. Olga managed to change a lot of work, but always wanted to be on TV:

“I went to all the auditions in a row: singing, Comedy, news, advertising, auditioned for a radio. I was always told “no”! The appearance is not the same, the diction, charisma is not enough… However, sometimes at the auditions I came to the main trial, flew on the final. It saddened me to tears, but gave me faith that I still something can. And then there was the casting of “the eagle and Reshka”. Gave myself the installation: “I spent so many years fighting in closed doors – that’s enough: this is my last attempt, and I use it the most”. And won!”.

Известны имена новых ведущих «Орел и решка»: российский тамада и гитаристка

We know that the season starts on February 3 with a trip to the Chinese city of Macau.

We will remind, ex-host of the show “heads and tails” is a popular singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko recently became a mother. Today in your personal account popular among users of the social network – a young mother Regina todorenko shares photos taken during the pregnancy.

The TV star also tells of his adventures during pregnancy and gives advice to young, inexperienced moms that you can do, and what not during pregnancy.

So your new photo in swimsuit Regina showed no constraint on it she’s on her sixth month of pregnancy posing on the beach in Greece in a blue swimsuit.

To photo of Regina has added a large signature:

“On the 6th month we went on vacation to Greece. Of course, pregnant women can not endure all the treatments, so I chose the most useful. The best procedure for me was the pool, more like a giant Jacuzzi , which I was able to lift the voltage a little bit to break resulting fat on the thighs and in the end a SWIM!”.

We will remind, the popular show “heads and Tails” closed.

As reported Politeka, “heads and Tails” favorite host is leaving.

Politeka also wrote that the leading “eagle and Tails” openly talked about.

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