Famous Israeli singer's father arrested with tens of kilos of cocaine

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 Famous Israeli singer's father arrested with dozens of kilos of cocaine

Five Israelis, including the famous singer's father, have been arrested for questioning by the International Crime Unit on suspicion of smuggling tens of kilos of cocaine into Israel.

The undercover investigation of this case began several months ago, after the department received intelligence indicating that the suspects intended to smuggle the drug.

According to suspicions, they acquired it in a South American country and hid on a ship bound for Israel. When the ship entered Israeli territorial waters, the police began to covertly monitor it, and when it approached the port of Haifa, it was decided to conduct a raid with the assistance of customs and tax authorities. During the raid, millions of shekels worth of cocaine were found.

Yesterday, detectives raided the home of five suspects looking for clues and finds, and at the end of the operation, all five were transferred for interrogation at Lahav 433. Rishon Magistrate's Court Le Ziona extended the detention of all five until November 24.

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