Famous Israeli actor's daughter: My lover threatened to take me to Ramallah

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 Famous Israeli actor's daughter: my lover threatened to take me to Ramallah< /p>

The daughter of a famous Israeli actor filed an application with the Rehovot Magistrate's Court today for an eviction order against her partner, a resident of the Territories, after she claims he beat her and even threatened her kidnap him in Ramallah.

The actor's daughter, a twenty-year-old girl living in one of the settlements in the center of the country, met A. while working at one of the gas stations in the area. "He got my phone from one of the employees. He started talking to me, and I didn't want to from the very beginning. We started talking for hours, and I went to sleep at his house,” she said in court.

According to her, one night he raised his hand against her. "It was last Sunday early in the morning. I was sleeping. He had an alarm clock. I woke him up and he slapped me. He knows where I live, I went to file a complaint against him with the police,” she said. "I'm afraid he will do something to me. The police didn't give me a warrant, but advised me to go to court and file a complaint.”

“He chased me, I left. He threatened me that if I told him, he would not talk to me. He is a very dangerous person. I experienced violence from him. I'm afraid he will try to kidnap me in Ramallah. He said several times that he would bring me to Ramallah,” she said. She also added that at first she forgave him for this incident, although she should not have.

The court, which considered the petition unilaterally, decided to grant it. The judge issued a restraining order, forbidding him to make any contact, direct or indirect, or come within 100 meters of the actor's daughter. The status of both sides will be discussed next week.

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