Famous football player was caught on doping details of the scandal

Известного футболиста подловили на допинге: подробности скандала

The club categorically deny the accusations against the athlete

Captain Madrid “real” Sergio Ramos handed over a positive doping test.

This happened after the Champions League final of the season-2016/17 against Turin “Juventus”.

Известного футболиста подловили на допинге: подробности скандала

The defender has avoided passing drug tests from April to may 2017. As Spiegel reports, the player was complaining about doping officers and attended shower before testing, which was forbidden by the rules.

Ramos passed the test only a month after the finale. It is reported that it found traces of doping dexamethasone.

It is also noted that UEFA was aware of the fact that Ramos failed a doping test after the final of the Champions League, but to punish the player did not.

Real Madrid allegedly sent the Union a letter in which she explained the incident was a mistake of the team.

In turn, the club denied the accusations against his player. FC noted that Ramos never violated anti-doping rules and the UEFA closed the case against the defender after real Madrid provided the information requested by the Union.

Известного футболиста подловили на допинге: подробности скандала

Previously, we reported that the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) has criticized because of Russia.

Известного футболиста подловили на допинге: подробности скандала

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A former investigator of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Jack Robertson is outraged by the decision of WADA to restore the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) rights. The former auditor has called for broad reform of the WADA, by comparing its management of baby diaper:

“When I investigated the doping scandal in Russia, I worked seven days a week, to make sure that my investigation successfully. I was incredibly shocked by the doping system in Russia and didn’t want to bring all informants and clean athletes. Using an analogy, the leadership of WADA and the Executive Committee of the now – smelly diaper, which urgently needs to be changed”.

Robertson also claims that Russia never admitted guilt, apologized. In addition, representatives of Russia destroyed the evidence and has hacked the database of WADA.

Note that RUSADA declared inconsistent with the WADA Code in 2015. After this broke the doping scandal that resulted in the removal of some of the athletes and depriving them of the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Olympics. Before the Winter games in 2018 the international Olympic Committee has suspended the national team of Russia.

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