Famous actress's parents found dead in their own home

The parents of the famous actress were found dead in their own house

The parents of the famous American actress and singer Alicia Witt were found dead in their own house in Worcester.

This is reported by The Independent.

Information on the death of the parents of the star of the TV series Supernatural was confirmed late Monday, December 20th. According to Witt, she stopped by to visit her 75-year-old mom and 87-year-old dad after she could not contact them for several days.

According to police, the cause of her parents' death is still unknown. , however, their deaths were not violent.

“There were no injuries on their bodies,” Lieutenant Sean Murtha said.

According to law enforcement officers, the family had problems with heating … The firefighters who arrived at the scene did not find any admixture of harmful gases in the air. The medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

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