Famous actor collapsed at the funeral of the Jurassic: “fell near the tomb”

Известный актер рухнул на похоронах Юрского: "упал прямо возле гроба"

In Moscow say goodbye to the famous actor, people’s artist of Russia Sergei Yursky, who had died in the night of 8 February 83-m to year of life

Cause of death called heart failure.

A farewell ceremony is held in the Mossovet theatre in Moscow, where the morning crowds were grieving fans of the famous artist, his friends and colleagues, many of whom are celebrities. In the audience was spotted Yuri Rost, Olga Ostroumova, Soviet and Azerbaijani singer Polad Bulbul-oglu, Arkady Inin, Yevgeny Gerasimov, Vera Vasilyeva. Colleagues lined up to personally approach the coffin and say goodbye. In the hall periodically heard applause and shouts “Bravo”.

Leading the ceremony was the famous actor Evgeniy Steblov, from excitement he could not stand the nerves. He fainted right next to the grave, — according to MK.ru. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, the actor quickly resulted in feelings.

Известный актер рухнул на похоронах Юрского: "упал прямо возле гроба"

Note that the legacy of the famous Soviet and Russian actor Sergey Yursky will be shared by his widow Natalya Tenyakova and daughter — Darya Jurassic.

The actor owns a home near the town of Noginsk, Moscow region, Russian apartment in Moscow, works of art and machine.

The widow and daughter of the Jurassic will come into inheritance law, after the mourning (of farewell and a funeral).

Известный актер рухнул на похоронах Юрского: "упал прямо возле гроба"

“…the estimated value of suburban cottages — stars and about 30 million rubles. Also has an apartment in the South-West of Moscow… Its approximate cost is 18 million rubles. The artwork and the car. several million rubles”, — stated in the material.

We will remind, Sergey Yursky has gained popularity and love of the audience for his roles in theater and film (Vikrikar in the film “Republic SHKID” (1966), Ostap Bender in the Golden calf, Ivan Gruzdev in the TV series “the meeting Place cannot be changed” (1979), Ded Mitya in the film “Love and pigeons” (1984). The actor also supported Ukraine and in interviews repeatedly expressed their support in recent events.

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Still recall that there is information about the date and place of burial of Sergei Yursky.

In addition, it was reported that doctors gave the diagnosis of the hospitalized actor Sergei Yursky.

Even Politeka wrote that the famous Soviet actor was hospitalized, his health is poor.

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