Family office: free yourself from routine, focus on the main thing!

Family office: free yourself from routine, focus on the essentials!

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Wealthy families with significant capital, several real estate properties and other assets often need to delegate their property management services to professionals. At its core, the Family Office is like a professional private company that is trusted to manage family assets and capital. As a rule, this approach is more effective and saves a lot of time and effort. In addition to freeing yourself from tedious routine tasks, using the services of a family office means that assets will be under the care of competent professionals and allows businessmen to focus on other areas of business activity.

As it stands today, the idea of ​​a family office, a company that helps wealthy families and VIP clients manage family resources and assets, took shape in the United States in the 19th century. The Rockefellers, Morgan and other famous families of the stage of rapid capital accumulation in the United States resorted to the services of the family office. Subsequently, family offices appeared in Europe, primarily & ndash; which is not surprising & ndash; in Switzerland, the world capital of banking.

Family office: free yourself from routine, focus on the main thing!

One of the leading family office companies in Israel is SmartGen, founded by renowned investment manager and banker Mark Eigman. SmartGen & ndash; is an investment and consulting company that facilitates the export of Israeli technology and the inflow of foreign investment to Israel, helps the Russian-speaking business community gain access to the Israeli venture technology ecosystem, and facilitates the integration of Russian-speaking immigrant entrepreneurs. Being well versed in all the nuances of Israeli legislation and the specifics of doing business, SmartGen employees provide their clients with all their vast experience, professional knowledge, as well as extensive business contacts both in Israel and abroad.

Along with other related services, SmartGen is engaged in the registration and management of companies and holdings of clients in Israel, tax planning, coordination of work with Israeli and European banks (including opening an account, going through the compliance procedure, transferring funds, lending), purchasing and subsequent management of residential and commercial real estate. In addition, SmartGen employees fully undertake the coordination of the client's interactions with providers of legal, insurance, logistics, medical and other services in Israel, as well as the settlement of relationships with various government agencies (including tax authorities).

An important advantage of SmartGen is its vast experience in working with Russian-speaking VIP clients and entrepreneurs from Israel and other countries. A family office makes life much easier for both Israeli and foreign entrepreneurs, and especially & ndash; new immigrants, because thanks to working with SmartGen they can focus on business development, without being distracted by routine household or logistical problems.
Mark Eigman, CEO of the company, is sure that SmartGen & ndash; it is not just a business, but also a kind of bridge between Israel and businessmen from Russia and Eastern Europe.

In early 2020, SmartGen became an investment advisor to the Edmond De Rothschild Smartgen Israel Fund. In addition, the company is the founder of the SGF (Smart Generation Fund of Top Israeli Funds) venture fund, operating in the form of a fund of funds.

since 2021 SmartGen Family Office is the official Israeli representative of HeadOffice & ndash; a unique global network of multi-family offices. Mission HeadOffice & ndash; the fastest and most effective solution to all the daily problems of the client on a turnkey basis. HeadOffice's business model is based on a systems approach and the principles of sharing economy. As part of an annual subscription, HeadOffice provides clients with a management team and infrastructure to solve problems of any level of complexity in areas related to capital management, real estate, life needs, as well as serving the interests of the family at an optimal cost.

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